New Start January 02 2016

Hi everyone my name is Tara, I am the new owner of Hatch Studio Inc. I am very excited to bring new crafts and reach out to a larger clientele. I will continue to do the Wine and Paint, Private Parties, Birthday parties and Make and Take!! Our new number is 960-4307 if you need to reach me!

Check out our new calendar! This is how it works, and other updates. February 27 2015

 UPDATE: They were able to fix the calendar to show when an event is booked or sold out. Now it will have a line through it if the time is booked, or the event is sold out.


I really wanted you guys to be able to look at it and see, in real-time, what days were already booked, and what was still available. Unfortunately, with the platform I use that is not possible. (or so the people smarter at this stuff than I am tell me.) I seriously spent 48 hours of my life on this, so I'm going to see how it works before I try something else. I really welcome feedback on it, so don't be shy.

The way it works, is when you click on something, such as a class, it takes you to the description page. Then you can purchase your seat from there. For a birthday party or a private party, when you click on the date it will tell you whether or not it's booked out and show the availability of other party slots around it. We also now give the option of booking your private party or birthday party online! Just make sure you include valid contact information, so I can confirm details with you as the date approaches. Also, to book online, we are charging a $50 non-refundable deposit, which is credited toward the total of your party. We had to do this to keep random people on the internet from booking with no intention of coming.

If a date is blank it is either a training night for our staff, or a date that has been tentatively planned for something. 

You might notice a change. All new private party booking times will now default at 6:00 instead of 7:00. If you want 6:30 or 7:00 instead, just make a request for that time in your order notes. All classes starting in April will also begin at 6:00.

If you already have a private party scheduled your time is still 7:00

I made the calendar based on feedback from all of you, thanks for letting me know what works best with the way you use our website, and our Studio!

check it out here.

I'm sure there may be some bugs to work out at first, and if you are having trouble navigating it please let me know!

Thank You!


Things that we are working on. February 16 2015

I'm not good at secrets, so I want to let you in on some things that we are working on. The main thing we are focusing on is broadening the Hatch experience for children. We are working on curriculum for a Children's Art Clinic to be held over Spring Break, as well as planning out the drop in projects available over Spring Break. We are exploring ways to expand the drop-in sessions to include more Art material exploration,as well as add Saturday morning mini-classes for kids. I can't give a timeline for the improved drop-ins and mini-classes right now, because we need to make some improvements to our building first, and we're just not sure how long they will take.

We haven't forgotten the grown-ups! We are working on expanding our Art making choices beyond painting. We have something exciting planned for ladies in April! We are also looking at starting painting club, it would meet monthly, and get a little more into technique than our normal paintings do. We are also ironing out details for a Single's Night in March.

Another exciting thing happening in April is that we are teaming up with Serendipity Cupcakes for a few fun events to celebrate their birthday! If your business or charity is interested in teaming up with Hatch for an event, please contact me at

We know it's been hard to get in for a private party or birthday party the last few months. I want to remind you, that if we are already booked on a date that you would really like, we can come to you! Just ask for details.

We can also come to your office for team building sessions.

Thanks for a great year!

Lacey and Kaycee

Drop in Times November 11 2014

 We are excited to announce that we are now open for drop in Arts and Crafts! We have a lot of great, fun projects to choose from.

Our talented staff is available to help and guide you. Our drop in hours are, Saturday from 10-5

Some Changes September 20 2014

 Hello every one! We are making a few changes due to some things working terribly inefficiently. The first is that we have had a rash of people RSVPing for events then not showing. We realize things happen, and plans change. However, on several of those occasions we had people on waiting lists that could have taken the spot if we had only known. We've been trying to figure out the best way to handle this and have come to the decision to start a pre-pay program. We will have our classes available to purchase online. I really hope this makes things easier for every one and helps us be able to keep our cost the same $25 per person. In order to do this we had to switch to a website which would allow it, and unfortunately we couldn't take out old address with us. Our new address is

We have had some awesome, awesome support from you guys and haven't had a chance to say thank you!

We received a Reader's choice award in the Hutchinson News. Thank you all so very much!!

We also are at something like 2,250 likes on our Facebook page!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your support!